137 Business Ideas for Big City Dwellers: Top Opportunities to Thrive

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Living in a big city comes with its unique set of challenges and opportunities. With high population density and a fast-paced lifestyle, city dwellers often seek creative and efficient ways to handle daily tasks and make their lives easier.

This scenario creates an ideal environment for entrepreneurs to thrive by meeting the needs of the urban market. Providing innovative business ideas to mitigate the struggles of big city life can be both fulfilling and profitable for aspiring entrepreneurs.

It’s essential to identify the specific demands that arise from urban living, such as noise pollution, scarcity of space, and shortage of time. These factors influence many aspects of city life, from food and healthcare to transportation and leisure.

By tapping into these needs, business owners have the potential to carve out niches within these industries, offering unique solutions that cater to the bustling urban landscape.

Some profitable business ideas for big city dwellers might include cleaning services, food delivery, shared working spaces, or even something as simple as starting a blog, which can address city dwellers’ unique experiences and interests.

As a business owner, it’s up to you to evaluate the market and identify the best opportunities depending on your skills, preferences, and knowledge of the local community.

Striking the right balance between meeting the needs of the urban population and maintaining a sustainable business model in the competitive city environment can be the key to a successful venture in the concrete jungle.

Location-Based Businesses Ideas For Big Cities

  1. Luxury Apartment Rental Service
  2. City Tour Guide
  3. Bike Rental Service
  4. Food Truck
  5. Local Art Gallery
  6. Urban Farming
  7. Co-Working Space
  8. Specialty Coffee Shop
  9. Urban Winery
  10. Ethnic Cuisine Restaurant
  11. Fitness Center/Gym
  12. Local Craft Beer Brewery
  13. Yoga Studio
  14. Boutique Hotel
  15. Pet Daycare/Boarding
  16. Mobile Phone Repair Shop
  17. Food Delivery Service
  18. Nightclub/Bar
  19. Gourmet Cupcake Shop
  20. Niche Bookstore
  21. Specialty Cooking Class
  22. Home Cleaning Service
  23. Personal Shopping Service
  24. Personal Training Service
  25. City Rooftop Bar
  26. Underground Speakeasy Bar
  27. Public Relations Agency
  28. Luxury Spa
  29. Digital Marketing Agency
  30. Shared Kitchen Space for Food Entrepreneurs
  31. Trendy Vegan Restaurant
  32. Pedicab Service
  33. Fashion Boutique
  34. Pop-up Retail Store
  35. Vegan Bakery
  36. Indoor Vertical Farming Business
  37. Professional Networking Event Planning
  38. City Scavenger Hunt Business
  39. Virtual Reality Gaming Arcade
  40. High-End Consignment Store
  41. Tech Repair Service
  42. Mobile Beauty Salon
  43. Shared Artist Studio Space
  44. Food and Culture Walking Tour Company
  45. Boutique Real Estate Agency

Big cities, with their high population density and bustling activity, offer numerous opportunities for location-based businesses. Compared to rural areas, cities usually have better infrastructure and access to resources, which can be favorable for entrepreneurs seeking to establish their operations.

One profitable business idea for big-city dwellers is investing in rental properties. High population density means demand for housing is always on the rise, and real estate can be a solid long-term investment. Those looking to take advantage of this opportunity can either purchase residential properties for leasing or use commercial premises as co-working spaces, meeting the needs of the city’s expanding workforce.

Technology has also created new possibilities for location-based businesses. Technological advancements allow entrepreneurs to implement modern solutions into their operations, making them more efficient and competitive. For instance, starting a delivery or ride-sharing service can be an excellent option, as these businesses typically thrive in urban environments where people need easy transportation options.

Another area worth exploring is the service sector, which tends to grow in big cities due to the large customer base. Examples include opening a cleaning agency or a bookkeeping business, as mentioned in the article about profitable business ideas for big cities. With many households, small offices, and big enterprises sharing the same urban space, there is a constant need for efficient and reliable services.

However, it’s crucial to take into account the costs associated with starting a location-based venture in a city. High rent and real estate prices can make it difficult for some business owners to establish their premises, requiring careful budget planning and research.

By identifying the specific needs and opportunities present in big cities, entrepreneurs can develop location-based businesses that cater to the unique challenges and advantages of urban living. Focusing on the area’s high population density, technological advancements, and diverse consumer base can lead to the foundation of profitable ventures, allowing for sustainable growth and success in the city landscape.

Service-Based Business Ideas For Big Cities

  1. Professional Organizing Service
  2. Mobile Hair and Beauty Salon
  3. Home Cleaning Service
  4. Personal Training Service
  5. Catering Service
  6. Dog Walking Service
  7. Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service
  8. Personal Chef Service
  9. Home Staging Service
  10. Mobile Car Wash and Detailing Service
  11. Party Planning Service
  12. Personal Shopping Service
  13. Language Translation Service
  14. Home Health Care Service
  15. Event Photography Service
  16. Graphic Design Service
  17. Copywriting and Editing Service
  18. Personal Concierge Service
  19. Online Tutoring Service
  20. App Development Service
  21. Social Media Management Service
  22. Virtual Assistant Service
  23. Content Marketing Service
  24. Nutrition Consulting Service
  25. IT Consulting Service
  26. Fashion Styling Service
  27. Home Renovation Service
  28. Tech Repair and Setup Service
  29. Career Coaching Service
  30. Website Design Service
  31. Legal Consulting Service
  32. SEO Consulting Service
  33. Marketing Strategy Consulting Service
  34. Accounting and Bookkeeping Service
  35. Real Estate Brokerage Service
  36. Custom Art Commission Service
  37. Corporate Training and Coaching Service
  38. Home Landscaping Service
  39. Wedding Planning Service
  40. Executive Search Service

Starting a service-based business in a big city offers endless opportunities for success. With a high population density and diverse demands, entrepreneurs can find a niche relevant to their skills and passions. Here are some top service-based business ideas for big city dwellers:

Cleaning Services: Launching a cleaning business in an urban environment can be lucrative, as many city residents lack the time or desire to handle their own house cleaning. With a house cleaning business, you could cater to residential clients, or expand into other specialties like window cleaning and commercial spaces. A reliable and high-quality cleaning service can quickly gain traction among busy urbanites.

Health and Fitness: Big city life can take a toll on one’s health, so consider offering services to help residents maintain a healthier lifestyle. A personal fitness trainer, group exercise sessions, or healthy meal planning services can cater to health-conscious clients seeking guidance in achieving their fitness and wellness goals.

Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Services: With numerous pet owners living in the city, starting a dog walking business or pet sitting service can meet the needs of those who may work long hours or frequently travel. Providing personalized attention and care for pets builds trust among clients, ensuring a loyal customer base.

Errand and Concierge Services: Time is a valuable resource in a bustling city. An errand service enables residents to outsource tasks like grocery shopping, picking up prescriptions, and dry cleaning. Offering high-quality concierge services meets the convenience demands of busy city dwellers, and can be tailored to suit individual needs.

Translation Services: Urban areas often have diverse populations with various languages spoken. Offering translation services for individuals, businesses, or even government agencies is a valuable skill in big cities. By providing accurate and timely translations, you can establish a strong demand for your services.

Car Rental and Ride-Sharing Services: Large cities typically have a high demand for transport options. If you own a car or a fleet, consider starting a car rental service or participating in ride-sharing platforms. The convenience of having access to a vehicle when needed is attractive to many city residents who prefer not to own a car themselves.

Laundry Services: In big cities, time-intensive chores like laundry can be outsourced. Establishing a laundry service that offers pickup and delivery options can help busy clients save time and energy. Providing additional services such as dry cleaning, stain removal, and even clothing repair can increase your business’s value.

Personal Chef Services: A personal chef business in a metropolitan area can cater to a variety of clients, from busy professionals to families seeking healthy meal options. Specializing in dietary and cuisine preferences can make your business stand out and attract a dedicated clientele.

These are just a few potential service-based business ideas to explore in big cities. By capitalizing on the unique demands and opportunities of urban living and offering high-quality services, entrepreneurs can thrive in a competitive marketplace.

Unique Online Business Ideas

  1. Ecommerce Store
  2. Digital Marketing Agency
  3. Social Media Consultant
  4. Online Personal Training
  5. Graphic Design Services
  6. Virtual Assistant Business
  7. Content Creation Agency
  8. Online Tutoring Services
  9. SEO Consulting
  10. Affiliate Marketing
  11. Blogging/Vlogging
  12. Web Development
  13. Online Coaching or Consulting
  14. E-books and Digital Publishing
  15. Online Courses and Webinars
  16. App Development
  17. Virtual Reality Experiences Creation
  18. Dropshipping Business
  19. Influencer Marketing Agency
  20. Subscription Box Service
  21. Podcasting
  22. Stock Photographer
  23. Freelance Writing
  24. Online Tech Support
  25. Personal Styling and Shopping Consultation
  26. E-Newsletter Service
  27. Remote IT Service Provider
  28. Video Production Company
  29. Virtual Real Estate Agency
  30. Remote Customer Service
  31. Online Nutrition and Wellness Consultant
  32. Software as a Service (SaaS) Business
  33. Data Analysis and Visualization Services
  34. E-Sports Coaching
  35. Voiceover Artist
  36. Virtual Interior Design Consultation
  37. E-Residency Services

Starting a business in a big city often means facing stiff competition. However, the digital realm is teeming with opportunities for budding entrepreneurs. Here are some unique online business ideas that can help big city dwellers thrive in the world of e-commerce.

Virtual assistant services are increasingly in demand as busy professionals seek skilled individuals to help manage their daily tasks. Offering virtual assistant services to businesses and entrepreneurs can be a flexible and lucrative online business venture. Tasks can range from managing calendars to managing social media accounts, making it an ideal business idea for those with diverse skill sets.

Another promising idea is niche blogging. Rather than competing with numerous general blogs, focusing on a specific niche can help you reach a more targeted audience. This may ultimately lead to better revenue generation through advertising and affiliate marketing. As you grow your blog’s audience, opportunities like sponsored posts and collaborations may also arise.

Affiliate marketing is an excellent online business option for those who have a solid online presence or a knack for influencing others. By promoting products and services you genuinely believe in, you can earn a commission on every lead or sale generated through your marketing efforts. The key to successful affiliate marketing is consistently creating engaging content that resonates with your audience and tastefully incorporating product recommendations.

Starting an eBay business is another unique idea for big city dwellers. eBay offers a global platform to sell various products, making it an ideal outlet for those new to e-commerce. You can choose to sell unique items sourced from local markets in your city or curate a collection based on your interests or expertise. With an eBay business, you can leverage the international marketplace and potentially reach a wide range of customers.

These online business ideas not only enable big city dwellers to bypass local competition but also provide opportunities for flexibility and growth. By capitalizing on your skills and interests, you can create a thriving online business venture that allows you to live and work wherever you choose. As a digital entrepreneur, the world is truly your oyster.

Bar, Restaurant, and Food Service Ideas For Big Cities

  1. Gourmet Burger Bar
  2. Artisanal Pizza Restaurant
  3. Vegan-Friendly Eatery
  4. Craft Beer Pub
  5. Wine Bar and Bistro
  6. Mediterranean Tapas Bar
  7. Japanese Ramen House
  8. Authentic Chinese Dim Sum Restaurant
  9. Luxury Steakhouse
  10. Farm-to-Table Restaurant
  11. Exotic Seafood Restaurant
  12. Italian Gelato Shop
  13. Organic Juice Bar
  14. Korean BBQ House
  15. French Patisserie and Coffee Shop
  16. Microbrewery with Tasting Room
  17. Mexican Street Food Restaurant
  18. Indian Curry House
  19. Specialty Tea Room
  20. Gourmet Food Truck
  21. Artisanal Cheese and Charcuterie Bar
  22. Late-Night Dessert Café
  23. Seafood and Oyster Bar
  24. Vegetarian and Vegan Café
  25. Authentic Thai Restaurant
  26. Gourmet Doughnut Shop
  27. Craft Cocktail Lounge
  28. Middle Eastern Kebab House
  29. Spanish Paella Restaurant
  30. Southern BBQ Pit
  31. Japanese Sushi Bar
  32. Cuban Cuisine Restaurant
  33. Belgian Waffle House
  34. Gourmet Popcorn Shop
  35. Vietnamese Pho Restaurant
  36. New York-style Bagel Shop
  37. Gluten-Free Bakery
  38. Locally-Sourced Salad Bar
  39. Brazilian Steakhouse
  40. Prohibition-style Speakeasy Bar
  41. High-End Buffet Restaurant
  42. Gourmet Mac and Cheese Restaurant
  43. Lebanese Cuisine Restaurant
  44. Artisanal Chocolate Shop
  45. Scandinavian Cuisine Restaurant
  46. Luxury Ice Cream Parlor
  47. Boutique Wine Shop with Tasting Room
  48. Hip Hop Themed Bar
  49. British-Style Pub

Starting a bar, restaurant, or even a food truck can be a lucrative venture in a big city, where there’s always a high demand for quality food and socializing opportunities. To begin such a business endeavor, it’s essential to consider the necessary permits, equipment, decor, and even franchise opportunities that may ease the process.

First, carefully analyze the city’s food scene and decide on a specific niche that has potential for growth. It can be a cozy coffee shop, a themed restaurant, or even a trendy food truck. Once the concept is determined, it’s crucial to acquire the necessary permits and licenses, which may vary depending on local regulations. This may involve health department approvals, liquor licenses, and zoning permits, among others.

Next comes the equipment, for which it’s essential to prioritize quality and durability. Invest in appliances such as ovens, refrigerators, and cooking utensils for the kitchen. For the front-of-house, consider cash registers, point-of-sale software, and customer seating arrangements. It’s crucial to ensure that everything complies with local safety and health codes.

Choosing the right decor is essential in creating an inviting atmosphere that will attract customers, ensuring your business stays competitive in a big city environment. The interior design should reflect the brand’s identity and be cohesive throughout the entire space, including lighting, furniture, color schemes, and wall art. Creating an Instagram-worthy space can significantly enhance your business’s visibility and attract a wider audience.

Consider exploring franchise options, especially if starting from scratch seems overwhelming or financially burdensome. With a franchise, entrepreneurs can take advantage of an established brand’s resources, support, and loyal customer base.

In a big city, there’s often a diverse customer base, which offers an opportunity for success in niche food markets. A food truck, for instance, can cater to the busy city dwellers craving gourmet street food or late-night snacks, while a coffee shop may focus on providing a serene space for professionals and students to work or study.

In summary, starting a successful food business in a big city involves careful planning, acquiring necessary permits, and selecting the right equipment and decor. While the challenges are many, the potential rewards are great for those who invest time and effort in creating a unique and welcoming establishment catering to the city’s diverse clientele.

Health and Wellness Businesses

Health and wellness businesses are flourishing in big cities, where urban dwellers seek opportunities for self-care and stress relief. One popular option for those looking to start a business in this sector is an amusement park catering to adults and children alike. These parks can offer fun-filled attractions, engaging activities, and opportunities for families to bond while promoting an active and healthy lifestyle.

A massage therapist can also thrive in a bustling city environment, where busy professionals and physically active individuals often seek relief from sore muscles and daily stresses. With flexible hours and the option to operate from a storefront or offer in-home services, massage therapy provides entrepreneurs with various ways to tailor their business model to local market needs.

Opening a gym or fitness center is another lucrative avenue in the health and wellness sector. This business can range from a traditional gym filled with modern workout equipment to niche offerings such as yoga studios or boutique fitness classes. Staying attuned to current exercise trends and tailoring services to various market segments, including seniors or expectant mothers, can further boost a gym’s success.

Urbanites also prioritize personal grooming and hygiene, making a hair salon a fitting addition to the health and wellness industry. Experienced stylists can establish a salon catering to various hair types, trends, and treatments, drawing from their expertise to build a loyal clientele. Additionally, a salon can expand its scope to offer complementary services like natural and eco-friendly beauty products or educational workshops on hair care techniques.

As city dwellers continue to prioritize their wellbeing, health, and wellness-focused businesses can expect significant growth opportunities. Entrepreneurs willing to take innovative approaches, adopt current market trends, and cater to diverse consumer needs will find themselves well-positioned for lasting success in this booming industry.

Home-Based and Small Business Opportunities

In today’s fast-paced world, many individuals are looking for ways to earn extra income and achieve a better work-life balance. One viable option for big city dwellers is to explore home-based businesses and small-scale opportunities. These options offer flexibility, convenience, and a chance to maximize your potential in a comfortable environment.

For the creative and artistically inclined, there are numerous opportunities to turn your passion for crafts into a profitable venture. Handmade products, such as jewelry, clothing, and home decor, are in high demand. By setting up an online store through platforms like Etsy or Shopify, you can showcase your creations to a global audience and generate extra income. Additionally, participating in local craft fairs or selling your products in physical stores can help you build a loyal customer base.

If you possess excellent writing or editing skills, starting a freelance writing business can be a home-based opportunity that offers both flexibility and profitability. As a freelance writer, you can pitch stories to magazines, newspapers, or online publications. You can also provide content marketing and copywriting services to businesses and startups in need of engaging content to enhance their online presence.

Another noteworthy home-based business idea involves teaching or tutoring online. If you have expertise in a specific subject or a skill that others are interested in learning, you can offer private lessons or group classes using video conferencing platforms like Zoom or Skype. This provides you with a chance to share your knowledge and earn an income without leaving the comfort of your home.

Importing and reselling products online is another viable option for earning additional income. By searching for in-demand niches, purchasing items in bulk from reliable suppliers, and reselling them through platforms like Amazon or eBay, you can tap into a wider market and potentially reap significant profits. Keep in mind that proper market research and strong customer service skills are crucial for success in this field.

In summary, there are a plethora of home-based business and small-scale opportunities available to those residing in big cities. Whether you’re interested in crafts, writing, teaching, or retail, the possibilities are endless. With determination, dedication, and a little creativity, these opportunities can pave the way for a more fulfilling and financially rewarding future.

Planning and Market Research

When considering business ideas for big city dwellers, planning and market research are essential for predicting demand and ensuring success. By thoroughly analyzing the market and understanding your target audience, you’ll be better positioned to create a profitable venture with sustainable revenue growth.

To begin with, start by identifying potential business ideas that cater to the unique needs and preferences of people living in big cities. This could include various industries such as food service, event planning, or real estate. Next, determine the market demand for these ideas by assessing the demographics, lifestyles, and existing competition in the city.

It’s crucial to understand your target audience while planning a business. This involves analyzing their demographics, psychographics, and purchasing behavior. Use surveys, interviews, and other forms of primary research to gather information directly from potential customers. Additionally, review secondary research sources, such as articles, reports, and studies, to get a broader understanding of your market.

Utilize available data to create realistic revenue projections. Estimate the expected sales volume, and determine the pricing strategy that balances both profitability and competitiveness. Keep in mind that big city dwellers may have varying income levels, so providing options such as premium and budget-friendly offerings could cater to a wider audience.

When evaluating your idea’s potential success, analyze the current market trends and any future changes that could impact your business. Be aware of any emerging technology, legal developments, or economic factors that present potential challenges or opportunities. Adopting a proactive approach to these changes, such as modifying your product offerings or business model, will better prepare you for any market fluctuations.

Implementing effective marketing strategies is essential for attracting customers and generating revenue. Utilize online marketing tools and social media platforms to reach a wide audience in the big city. Develop engaging content, use targeted advertising, and regularly analyze the effectiveness of your marketing efforts to optimize your strategy.

Lastly, remember that persistence and adaptability are key for achieving success in a competitive big city market. Continually refine your strategies, learn from your experiences, and stay committed to delivering value to your customers to sustain and grow your business.

Business Setup, Compliance, and Regulations

Setting up a business in a big city is an exciting opportunity, as densely populated environments offer a variety of potential customers. However, it’s essential to understand and adhere to the different real estate, business, regulations, and compliance requirements as part of the process.

Acquiring a commercial property is often the first step for business owners in large cities. This entails considering factors such as location, accessibility, and zoning restrictions.

Ensuring your property complies with local building codes and regulations is crucial to avoid costly penalties and delays. For instance, obtaining necessary permits and certifications for construction or modifications can help prevent issues in the future. You can learn more about commercial projects in big cities from this essential property owner checklist.

Another significant consideration is industry-specific regulations, which can vary depending on the nature of your business. For example, businesses providing food or health services must comply with strict hygiene and safety standards. Furthermore, addressing concerns like obesity, diabetes, and smoking becomes essential in highly-populated urban areas by promoting health-conscious practices and products. This approach not only maintains regulatory standards but also builds a positive brand image through responsible social impact.

As a city dweller, complying with unique city-specific regulations is of utmost importance. Unique laws and ordinances enforce these regulations, such as noise restrictions, waste disposal, and limits on certain business practices like operating hours. Familiarizing yourself with city-specific guidelines and regulations can help to avoid legal complications and foster a harmonious relationship with the surrounding community.

One way to efficiently manage the compliance aspect of your business is by using tools which allow you to track and maintain the necessary documentation to adhere to relevant laws. Also, consider seeking consultation from business professionals or legal experts as a prophylactic measure to be aware of evolving regulations and laws that may impact the future operation of your business.

In summary, navigating the complexities of real estate, regulations, and compliance for a business in a large city requires careful planning and diligence. By understanding industry-specific requirements and maintaining adherence to city-specific regulations, you can establish a successful, responsible, and sustainable urban business.

Marketing and Networking Strategies

Starting a business in a big city offers a myriad of opportunities for entrepreneurs who want to grow and succeed. However, standing out among the competition can be a challenge, so implementing effective marketing and networking strategies is essential.

To begin with, entrepreneurs should focus on online marketing. Utilizing social media platforms, SEO, and digital advertising tailored to the unique audience they want to reach can greatly improve brand exposure. Creating exceptional content on your website, starting a blog, or engaging with potential customers through email newsletters are other useful approaches. To achieve the best results, consider investing in training or resources to enhance your digital marketing skills.

In addition to online efforts, marketers can build credibility and connections through guest posting on other websites. This allows for a greater brand exposure and fosters relationships with industry influencers.

Local businesses should also capitalize on collaborating with other businesses in their area. Ideas for cooperation include hosting joint events, creating discount packages, or partnering with complementary services to offer unique customer experiences. Forming alliances can lead to stronger relationships and a mutually beneficial growth, as mentioned in New Home Star’s blog.

Moreover, networking events are crucial for entrepreneurs to expand their connections. Participating in events, conferences, or workshops relevant to your industry can lead to potential partnerships, increased customer referrals, or even investment opportunities. To make the most out of such gatherings, try to create memorable experiences by embracing unique engagement ideas, like scavenger hunts or themed activities.

Lastly, a keen focus on continuous learning will help entrepreneurs adapt their strategies according to the ever-changing nature of the market. By keeping an ear to the ground, seeking the latest in marketing and networking advancements, and being proactive in testing new approaches, entrepreneurs can stay ahead of their competition and keep their businesses thriving in a big city environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are profitable retail businesses for urban areas?

In big cities, retail businesses that cater to the needs and preferences of urban dwellers have a high potential for profitability. Some examples include specialty food stores, artisanal boutiques, and niche clothing stores. Lifestyle retail shops focusing on eco-friendly or health-conscious products may also find success in urban areas as consumers increasingly prioritize sustainability and well-being.

Which small shop ideas thrive in big cities?

Small shops that offer unique products or services often thrive in densely populated cities. Examples include concept cafes, art galleries, and vintage or antique stores. Additionally, shops that cater to the urban lifestyle, such as bike shops, coworking spaces, or fitness studios, can attract a loyal customer base.

What entertainment ventures succeed in metropolitan areas?

Entertainment businesses that cater to diverse interests and provide engaging and immersive experiences are popular in urban environments. Some examples include escape rooms, experiential dining experiences, live music venues, and niche-themed bars or clubs. Businesses that focus on creating a strong sense of community, such as art classes or group workshops, can also succeed in metropolitan areas.

How can I repurpose empty buildings into profitable businesses?

Repurposing unused or empty buildings in cities can open up opportunities for creative and lucrative business ventures. Some ideas include turning an old warehouse into a coworking space, converting an outdated office building into a boutique hotel, or transforming a disused factory into a thriving marketplace with food stalls, artisan vendors, and more.

What are successful business ideas for small spaces in cities?

Small spaces can still house successful businesses, particularly in urban areas where space is at a premium. Examples include tiny cafes or take-out food stands, boutique fitness studios, or shared artist studios. In addition, popup shops and micro-retail concepts can maximize limited space by offering temporary, flexible, and low-cost options for entrepreneurs.

How do business ideas for residential areas differ from other urban zones?

Business ideas for residential areas should focus on catering to the needs of the local community, providing services that promote convenience and enhance the daily lives of residents. Examples include neighborhood grocery stores, daycare or after-school programs, pet care services, and home maintenance or cleaning businesses. While these ideas may differ from typical urban businesses, they still hold potential for success in densely populated areas by addressing the specific needs of the surrounding community.

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