How To Make An Extra $1,000 Per Month

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Increasing your income is the best way to get momentum going in your wealth building journey.

But it can be daunting to know where to start.

The truth is, making an extra $1,000 per month can be done in a lot of different ways.

And the good news is that there are a ton of legitimate ways to make extra money each month.

Some are time for money trades and others require you to be patient and put upfront work in before you see results – with the potential to scale well beyond $1,000 per month!

We’ve created this list of about 50 ideas for how to make an extra $1,000 per month – from starting an online business to side hustles that let you make money from your spare time, odds are something on this list will be a good fit for you.

Ways To Make $1,000 Extra Per Month Today (Trading Time For Money)

Thanks to the rise of the gig economy there are a bunch of ways you can quickly make money with your spare time – no matter what skills you have or don’t have.

Using your spare time to give rides or make deliveries is one of the easiest ways to start making some extra money.

And if you live in a big city it’s pretty reasonable to expect to make about $20 per hour doing these sorts of tasks. That breaks down to less than two hours per day to reach $1,000 in a month!

So if you have spare time to devote to making some extra cash, here are some time for money trades you can make that can get you $1,000 extra per month.

Rideshare Driving

Assuming you have a 4 door car, giving rideshare rides via Uber or Lyft is a really easy way to make extra cash.

As an Uber or Lyft driver, you’ll have the flexibility to choose your own schedule and earn money by giving passengers rides around your city.

That means you can drive at night and on weekends during spare time if you have a day job. And if you don’t have a day job, you can earn a nice sum each month just dedicating normal work hours to giving rides.

Deliver Food

Uber eats, postmates, and door dash are great platforms that allow you to make money by delivering takeout food to people.

This is a great alternative to rideshare if you want a little more control over where you drive or if you don’t necessarily want to interact with people in your car.

You can make a similar amount of money per hour making these food deliveries, although the best times to earn tend to be around lunch or dinner time.

Either way, dedicating evenings or weekends to food deliveries can get you an extra $1,000 per month or more in cash.

Deliver Amazon Flex

Amazon has a program called Amazon Flex where you can get paid by Amazon to make deliveries using your own vehicle.

Typically this is how Amazon makes their same day deliveries to customers who order same day delivery on their website.

As long as you have a vehicle and willingness to pick up packages from an Amazon warehouse, then make deliveries, this can be a nice side hustle to put extra cash in your pocket.

Become An Instacart Shopper

Instacart shoppers shop for groceries for other people. Customers make an order on Instacart and a shopper can choose to pick up and deliver the order to the customer.

The Instacart app is easy to use – you can view orders in your area then pick and choose the orders you want to work on.

From there you shop and deliver those items to your customers. It’s that simple! You get paid by the hour with potential to earn tips as well.

Pet Sit

Pet sitting is one of the most lucrative side hustles and if you’re a pet lover then it’s a win win!

If you’re consistent with pet sitting and get some recurring customers you can easily make $1,000 or more per month just by pet sitting.

Platforms like Rover have made it easier than ever to connect with pet owners who need pet sitting services. Boarding is expensive and a lot of owners would rather have their pet get some social connection instead when they have to work or travel.

Odds are there are plenty of opportunities to pet sit in your area, especially if you live in a big city.

Walk Dogs

On a similar note, dog walking can be a great way to earn some cash. Dogs need to be walked every day and owners are willing to pay people who show up consistently and give their doggo some love.


Babysitting is a classic way to earn some extra cash. Granted, it will take a few nights in a month to reach $1,000 in earnings but it is possible. Babysitting rates are at an all time high and look like they will continue to increase year over year.

There are apps like UrbanSitter or Sittercity that let you connect with parents looking for babysitters, or you could go the old fashioned route and connect with neighbors.

How To Make $1,000 Per Month With An Online Business

Making money with an online business isn’t the best way to make $1,000 a month right away – like most things in life building an online business takes time.

But with that said, online businesses are one of the best ways to make extra money because they can scale and surpass $1,000 in earnings pretty easily, and you will learn a lot of valuable new skills along the way.

Start A Niche Website Or Blog

Starting a niche website or blog can become really lucrative. These websites typically earn from display ads, affiliate marketing, and sponsored content.

You can plan on putting some time in up front before you start to see a return, but making 4 or even 5 figures per month within a year is definitely possible with a niche website or blog.

So if you love to write or are passionate about a particular subject, starting a website or blog can be a great way to earn some extra income.

Retail Arbitrage Flipping

Retail arbitrage is a popular side hustle that is essentially flipping retail items.

The idea is pretty simple. You go to outlet stores or places like Costco and find items that are on sale at a local store, then you list them for sale at a higher price.

Online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Craigslist are good places to sell these items.

Profits on the sale of an individual item from retail arbitrage will be pretty modest, but if you’re able to find a consistent source of products then it’s possible to make solid extra income with retail arbitrage.

Sell Private Label On Amazon

Private label selling involves sourcing products and creating a brand to sell them under.

Amazon in particular is a great platform to sell private label items because you can utilize their FBA program.

FBA stands for Fulfillment By Amazon and it’s a program where Amazon will warehouse, fulfill, and ship orders then handle customer service and returns for you.

Since Amazon does a lot of the heavy lifting, you can focus on sourcing products. There are some huge private label Amazon FBA businesses and it’s possible to get to $1,000 per month quickly if you dedicate time to the business.

Dropship High Ticket Items

Dropshipping is one of the quickest ways you can earn an extra $1,000 per month in profits with an online business.

With dropshipping, you sell another brand’s products on your store, and when you make a sale the brand ships the items directly to your customer.

Selling other brands’ products is a lot easier than developing products from scratch. In many cases, you’ll sell items that are already in demand.

High ticket items in particular ($1,000-$5,000+ price point) are a great place to start because you can quickly get to a 4 figure per month profit with only a handful of sales.

Start A YouTube Channel

YouTube channels earn with advertisements, sponsorships, and in some cases affiliate marketing.

YouTube continues to grow it’s user base and looks like it will continue to be a place where people consume a ton of content.

Maybe the idea of being on camera excites you, or maybe it doesn’t. Either way, YouTube channels can be a great way to earn some extra money. There are plenty of faceless YouTube channels on the platform that easily pull in 4 or 5 figures in revenue each month.

Create An Online Course

Do you love to teach or have a skill that you are above average at? If yes then creating an online course might be a viable way to earn an extra $1,000 per month.

It’s become easier than ever to create an online course. Platforms like Udemy or Coursera let you upload and market your course on their platform.

You could also use a platform like Kajabi to self host your course if you are willing to learn how to run ad campaigns to your course.

A common misconception with creating an course is that you have to be an expert in order to create a course that people will want to take.

Not true! You just need to be an expert on the subject relative to your target audience.

There are a ton of potential students who are novices at a given skill and are just looking to become proficient. If you can help them get there then you can make money selling courses.

Self Publish Books

If you love to write or if you’d feel confident outsourcing the writing of books to ghostwriters, then self publishing might be a great business to learn.

There are countless ideas for content to put in a book and if you can carve out an underserved reader base then making an extra $1,000 per month with book royalties is definitely possible.

One thing I’d personally steer clear of with self publishing is low content books like journals or composition books.

The reason is because this submarket has become flooded with products in recent years and it can be extremely difficult to stand out.

AI art tools have made it possible for people to create thousands of patterns to sell on the cover of a journal and bulk upload them to platforms like Amazon KDP.

Trying to compete with the sea of people doing this will create an uphill battle for you to make any meaningful products doing the same idea.

Sell Crafts On Etsy

If you love to craft or have a knack for creating unique things, Etsy is the go-to platform for selling these types of items.

There are plenty of people making an excellent side or even full time income on Etsy selling things like stationery, personalized gifts, craft supplies, and accessories.

Etsy is a relatively easy platform to sell on if you think you’d enjoy creating and selling these types of items. And these days there are about 95 million active buyers on Etsy so there is a big audience to sell to.

Create An eCommerce Store

Creating an eCommerce store and selling your own unique branded products is a great way to earn extra income with the potential of creating a sizeable online asset.

With that said, creating a successful eCommerce brand is hard. It requires a lot of skill for everything to come together and generate 4 figures per month in profit.

Compared to other ideas on the list, this is one of the last ideas we’d suggest if you’ve never run a business before or if you’re a novice selling online. There are a lot of other ways to make an extra $1,000 per month quicker and with less risk than starting your own eCom store.

Ways To Make $1,000 Extra Per Month By Providing A Service

Manage Social Media Accounts

Social media presence is a must these days for any business that wants to scale.

But not every business owner is savvy with social media marketing – or maybe they are but simply don’t have the time to run it themselves.

That’s where you can come in. If you understand social media channels then you could leverage your skills to manage social media accounts for businesses.

eCommerce businesses are typically good customers to target as they have the money to spend on social media management. With just a couple of good customers you could easily make 4 figures extra per month running social media accounts.

Run Online Ads For Businesses

Paid advertising channels like Google PPC, Facebook PPC, and even platforms like TikTok have potential to be huge revenue generators for businesses.

Because of that, there’s a lot of opportunity to make extra money by providing ad management services.

You could run ads for businesses of all shapes and sizes – anything from an eCommerce company to a local pressure washing company needs online advertising.

If you’re not proficient in running ads, this one is a relatively easy skill to learn that can greatly increase your long term earning capacity.


If you love to teach or have expertise in a sought after skill or subject, then tutoring is a great way to make some money with your extra time.

In particular, offering intimate group tutoring sessions seems to be a sweet spot for maximizing your earning ability as a tutor, because you can earn an hourly rate from a handful of students all at once.

Plus, the students get the added benefit of interacting and learning together with other students who are going through the same process.

Alex Hormozi has a great video explaining the potential of the group tutoring business model in depth that is definitely worth a watch!

Generate Leads For Local Businesses

Any business needs leads coming into their funnel in order to generate revenue.

And if you know how to run online advertising campaigns, you can use your skills to generate leads for businesses. You get paid to run ads and qualify leads.

Local businesses (think landscaping, pressure washing, plumbing businesses) in particular tend to be great customers for lead generation services for a couple of main reasons.

First, you can get hyper specific with your ad targeting, and only spend for ad placements where the user has a relatively high probability of needing the service you’re advertising.

Second, local businesses tend to be experts at performing their service – not running online ads. You bridging that gap and bringing leads to them can be a lucrative service.

Become A Photographer

Photography continues to be an in demand service – just take a look at this Google trends chart for the search term “photographer near me”:

If you have a passion for photography and the ambition to make a part time business out of it, then it’s possible to earn serious cash taking photos.

In big cities, photography services for big events like weddings can easily earn you an extra $1,000 per event you shoot.

Be A Fitness Trainer

If you love fitness and can help others get into great physical shape, then there is a path to earn an extra 4 figures per month by being a personal trainer.

People are willing to pay for accountability in their fitness routine, so if you can provide that to a handful of clients each month you’ll be on your way to putting extra money in your pocket consistently.

Clean Windows

Window cleaning is a great side hustle because it doesn’t take a lot of upfront investment to get your business started. All you need is a couple hundred dollars worth of equipment and a willingness to ask for business.

There are lots of opportunities to clean windows, especially if you live in a big city. You can target residential customers or commercial businesses that are in need of regular window cleaning services.

Either way, if you do a good job this one has a high probability of repeat orders, so your extra income each month can grow over time.

Mow Lawns

Lawn mowing is another local service you can provide that has a high probability of repeat customers if you do a good job.

While this one won’t be for everyone, it’s a viable way to earn extra cash for those who don’t mind being outdoors and getting a little sweaty. Plus, it can be a satisfying task to complete.

Similar to window cleaning, you can get started with a lawn mowing business with only a few hundred dollars for equipment.

Shovel Snow

If you live in a location where it gets cold, shoveling snow from roads and driveways is a straightforward way to earn some cash.

Better yet, combine this idea with a landscaping/lawn mowing service where you shovel snow during snow season and landscape during the rest of the year for the same customers.

Clean Swimming Pools

Pool cleaning services can be lucrative, and if you have extra time on your weekends, it’s possible to create a small route that you can knock out in a few hours.

Pick up a dozen or so customers and you’ll be well on your way to earning an extra $1,000 per month. All you’ll need for start up costs is some light equipment and pool chemicals.

Pressure Wash Properties

Another service based idea to earn extra money would be to pressure wash properties.

Whether it’s a residential home or a commercial property, pressure washing services are needed to clean structures and make them look presentable.

There are a lot of different ways you can go with this one, and the work can also be really satisfying. Similar to a lot of the other ideas on this list, all you need is a pressure washer and maybe a few other pieces of equipment to get started.

Become An AirBnB host

The market for AirBnb hosts continues to grow as property owners typically don’t want to manage their properties themselves.

If you have some extra time you should consider starting an AirBnB hosting business, where you essentially manage short term vacation rentals.

It’s possible to be an AirBnB host without actually going to your managed properties all that often. You can typically manage bookings and coordinate cleaners and contractors via phone or email.

Hosts can earn a flat fee or a percentage of revenue generated by a vacation rental (which can really add up), depending on the depth of work you are providing.

Freelance Writing

If you’re an effective writer, there is a market for your skill set.

Whether it’s copywriting, storytelling, or the ability to make engaging long form blog posts, the ability to write engaging content can earn you extra money.

These days, you can earn $.08 to $.10 give or take per word as a blog writer, and more if you’re writing copy for advertising and marketing campaigns.

Connect with potential customers on freelancing platforms like Upwork or ProBlogger to put your writing skills to work for you.


Online proofreading is a way you could earn from the comfort of your home.

If you have a keen attention to detail and don’t mind reading, then proofreading is a viable way to earn an extra $1,000 or more per month after you’ve built up a customer base.

Some proofreaders charge an hourly rate while others charge a fixed rate for the amount of words proofread. Either way, you can leverage this service into a nice side hustle.

Groom Pets

Pet owners need grooming services to keep their pets healthy and happy.

Mobile pet grooming businesses are a great side hustle because they provide convenience for the pet owner and they don’t require a lease to get started.

With a little bit of equipment and some pet hygiene supplies, you can connect with pet owners and provide grooming services for their furry friends.

Detail Cars

Car detailing is another simple service based idea that can net you 4 figures a month when after you’ve built up a client base.

People want their cars washed but don’t some don’t end up doing it because it takes too much time to drive to the car wash and do it themselves.

Meet customers where they are at and provide car washing/detailing services at work offices or people’s homes to make it easier for them to say “yes”.

Translate Business Documents

Providing translation services is a great way to make extra cash from home if you’re bilingual.

Some businesses, ones in the legal field in particular, are in need of human translators who understand the nuances of language and the context of the document being translated.

Translators typically charge a certain rate per page to translate, with a maximum amount of words allowed per page.

Moderate For A Live Streamer

If you spend time on streaming platforms like Twitch or YouTube, it’s possible to earn as a moderator.

Moderators monitor the chat section of a stream and make sure users are complying with community standards.

Streamers with larger audiences typically pay moderators for their work. Of course, being a moderator can be rewarding but you will have to work and pay attention instead of sitting back and relaxing to watch a livestream.

Rewrite People’s Resumes And LinkedIn Profiles

Resumes and LinkedIn profiles are key aspects for any worker who is in the market for a new job.

Potential employers will almost always ask for a resume and vet candidates on LinkedIn.

If you can help people clean up these two things and increase their odds of landing an interview, you’ve provided a ton of value.

Fiverr and Upwork are great places to start connecting with people to rewrite their resumes. You could also try outreach directly to people via LinkedIn!

Provide Drone Photography

Drone photography has become more in demand in recent years as the space has grown and drone technology has gotten better.

In particular, drone photography and videography is sought after in the real estate industry. Aerial photos are a great way to show off the features of a property and differentiate a real estate listing from the rest of the market.

That would be the first place I would start with a drone photography side hustle. Get a few real estate broker customers and you can easily get around 4 figures in recurring monthly income.

Build Website Backlinks For Businesses

Backlinks are a key factor for an website’s ability to have their content rank high in Google search results.

Ranking high for key search terms in Google typically leads to traffic and eventually revenue.

As such, savvy website operators understand that acquiring links to their website is an incredibly important thing.

If you can learn how to acquire backlinks for other people via techniques like HARO, guest posting, link insertions, and resource pages, you can make some really good money from home.

Become A Virtual Assistant

Good virtual assistants play a vital role in just about any type of small business.

And when this happens, it’s a win win. The business gains an invaluable team member who helps keep the business running, while the VA gets the flexibility of working from home and potentially choosing their own hours (depending on the type of business being supported).

Learning how to be a virtual assistant will hopefully expose you to a wide variety of skills that can help you earn more in the future as well.

Haul People’s Junk

If you have a truck and spare time you could make money by hauling people’s junk.

People move all the time and often times they won’t bring all everything they own from one property to another.

For example, people may want to get rid of outdated appliances and furniture that are too old to donate. These items can be quite heavy and bulky, and people are willing to pay to have somebody come haul them off.

Design And Manage Websites

Website design and management has gotten easier and easier over time as website building platforms have become more user friendly.

Most eCommerce businesses these days are built on platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, or something similar.

Most informational websites and blogs are built on WordPress.

Learn the ins and outs of one of these platforms and you’ll be able to build and manage websites for other people. Depending on the scope of the website, this could easily help you make an extra $1,000 per month in income.

Other Ideas

House Hack

House hacking is a popular real estate investing strategy where you buy a house and rent out rooms in the house to your friends or other tenants.

Alternatively you could buy a duplex, triplex, or quadplex and similarly rent out the other units to tenants.

The rental income is then used to pay your mortgage with hopefully a little bit of cash flow left over.

While the cash flow likely won’t be a full $1,000 per month, a portion of the rental payments will go towards the principal of your mortgage balance which is a direct increase to your net worth.

Trade Stocks

Consistent, profitable stock trading requires some knowledge and expertise for sure, but the beauty of it is that you can make money from anywhere you have an internet connection.

There are a ton of active trading strategies you can learn, or you could stick with something simple like selling covered calls for extra income each month.

For this one it definitely helps to have a little bit of cash on hand to get started out.

Participate In Focus Groups

Focus groups are groups of people who participate in a guided discussion to give feedback about a product that is about to be launched.

Feedback from the market is valuable to product developers, and if you fall into a product’s target demographic then your voice may represent valuable insight for the developer.

Because of this, product developers pay focus group participants to give honest feedback. Depending on the focus group, it’s possible to earn $20-200 per hour for your time.

Stack a few of these on top of each other and you’ll be on your way to an extra $1,000 per month.

Participate In Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are studies where pharmaceutical companies test products before releasing them to the public for sale.

As a clinical trial participant you are compensated for your participation, potentially in the thousands of dollars per trial.

The scope, requirements, and time commitment of clinical trials vary greatly from trial to trial, so be sure to read the fine print before you start trying to earn extra cash by participating.

With all of that said, it’s possible to earn 4 or even 5 figures per month with clinical trials depending on where you live and which trials you qualify for.

Donating blood plasma can earn an extra $1,000 per month in the first few months you do it by leveraging sign up bonuses.

After that, to be honest, the pay rates tend to decline, although you can still earn a few hundred bucks per month if you wanted to.

You just need to have time on your hands and be ok with being stuck with a needle each time you go in to a donation center.


Bartending is a classic night and weekend job that can still bring in some nice extra cash, especially if you’re able to land shifts at a popular location.

It’s not uncommon for busy nights to bring in $500 give or take in tips for a bartender. So if you have the ability and desire to work late nights and weekends, this one could be a nice way to put extra money in the bank each month with your spare time.

Start Investing

If you’re just starting out from scratch, you won’t make $1,000 a month from investing.

But if you stick with it and make consistent investments, you’ll get the power of the compounding effect on your side and your investment gains can easily top $1,000 per month within a reasonable amount of time, no matter what you decide to invest in.

Whether it’s index funds, stocks, real estate, or some other investment, get started sooner vs later to get compound interest going to work for you.

Flip Real Estate

Real estate flipping requires skill and know how, and most likely a little bit of cash to get started.

But with that being said, flipping real estate can be a great way to earn an average of $1,000 per month. You could make 5 figures easily on just a couple of deals per year and be ahead of the $1,000 extra per month target.

Final Thoughts

I hope this list has helped spark a few ideas for how to earn an extra thousand dollars a month. While it might seem like an insurmountable number to you at the moment, with some effort and discipline it’s definitely possible to earn more with any of these ideas.

Choose one that sounds interesting to you and stick with it!

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